Purveyors of Basic Supplies for Those Who
Love the Country

Woodward Crossings is a "Ma and Pa" business in Aaronsburg, PA in Centre County

As a life-sustaining business supporting the many men and women putting food on all of our tables, we are thrilled to continue serving our customers!
We are shipping daily and are grateful for your business!

Marlin and Karen at Woodward Crossings Country Basics

As the inventors of the Wunderbar Module we strive to present economical and resourceful products for the gardener and land owner.  Using the Wunderbar 3 Pt. Hitch & Toolbar, the customer can add Disc Hillers, Cultivators, Potato Plows, Gauge Wheels, International Shanks with Row Crop Sweeps, Tire Track Erasers and more.  This flexible, efficient and very affordable system allows the customer to add “sets” onto the Hitch and Toolbar as he chooses. Or, the customer can configure his or her own design by buying individual components.

Woodward Crossings has a large onsite parts inventory, wholegoods for sale and an online store.

Selling anything from hay bale feeders to pallet forks to wood chippers and log grapples to spreaders, bale choppers, rototillers, sprayers, garden seeders, skidding winches, wood processors and so much more.  Visit our Wholegoods section for more details on the many products that we carry.  Please know that all inventory listed may not all be in stock.  Please check  with us on the  availability of these items. Many products can be drop shipped to the customer.

Here among the patchworked scenic Penns Valley, we make round bales of hay for cattle. We also raise a few beautiful Charolais cattle.

We love the country and the joys that it brings to our lives as well as our customer’s lives. We trust that our products for simple country living will augment our customer’s lives in assisting them in their farming, forestry and landscaping operations.

Marlin and Karen at Woodward Crossings Country Basics