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Just Lovin' the Country ~ Marlin and Karen at Woodward Crossings Country Basics
Just Lovin’ the Country ~ Marlin & Karen Fultz


Marlin and Karen Fultz have formed Woodward Crossings in PA’s Heartland with a simple mission: to provide the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible for a useful and unique quality product.


Tucked away in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania lies the collective ventures of Marlin & Karen Fultz  on a Working Hay & Crop Farm.

Commitment to customer service and providing quality products, their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse the product catalog, and make choices to satisfy your needs in the years to come.

Please call ahead for an appointment at (814) 349-4484.

Our Mailing Address is:
Woodward Crossings
178 Jackson Hill Rd.
Aaronsburg, PA  16820


Marlin and Karen have expanded their Country Offerings from Farm Equipment to Goods that enhance the rural lifestyle. Their goal is to provide basic goods that improve or augment simple living. Anything from Amish clothesline pulleys to compost buckets to coffee makers to farm and produce growing equipment and so much more! You may shop for these new products on the Online Store at the link above. Not all, but many of these products are made by or used by the Amish.

You may register online or purchase our products as a guest.

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Woodward Crossings Farm Supplies offers an extensive internet inventory of hundreds of products for the landowner. Parts for these products are provided as well.

We are a Temco Parts Dealer and also carry Replacement Parts through A & I , Herschel-Adams, Tisco and Hy-Capacity and other companies for most makes and models. Case, New Holland, Ford, International, Allis Chalmers, Massey Ferguson, or John Deere fast moving tractor parts are available with typically a 10-60% savings off of OEM prices. Baler belting, quarry conveyor belting, rake teeth, discbine blades, sickle sections, roller chain, PTO shafts, guards, bearings and more are available for Farm Equipment. Tie rod ends, belts, engine overhaul kits, generators, starters, alternators, fan motors, radiators, filters, tires, hoses, manifolds, steering parts, air conditioning parts, lights, mufflers, seats, water pumps, brake and clutch parts and much, much more are available for tractors.

With 40 years of experience they are able to assist you in exploring the options and supplies that will best serve you.

Here is a Catalog of Equipment that We Sell

The following are some of the products that we carry:

Sweeper Brooms, Skidsteer Attachments, Grain Augers, Hay Racks, Head Haulers, Aerators, Chain Harrows, Augers,  3 Point Hitch Attachments, Woodward Crossings Wunderbar Module, Cultivators, Disc Hillers (Hippers), Potato Plows, Furrowers, Undercutters, Walk Behind Garden Seeders, 3 Pt. Hitch Mounted Garden Seeders,  Hay Elevators, Feeders Wagons, Bale Grabs, Handlers, Bales  Spears, Bales Movers, Square Bale Stackers, Bale Shredders, Round Bale Splitter,  Round Bale Unroller, 3 Pt. Hitch Pendulum Spreaders, Round Bale Feeder, Bale Wrappers, Shapers,  Blades, Boom Mowers, Boxscrapers, Brushcutters, Buckets, Chain Harrows, Wood Chippers, Chisels Plows, Bale Choppers, Conveyors, Single Chain Bale Elevators, Cultivators,  Dethatchers, Chain Harrows, Hillers, Ditchers, PTO, Dump Wagon, Feed Carts, TMR Mixers, Feeder Wagons, Bale Processors, Bale Feeders, Fertilizer Spreaders, Flail Mowers, Forced Ejection Scrapers, 3 Point Forklifts, Generators, Grain Carts,Gravity Boxes, Rotary Cutters, In Line Bale Wrappers, Individual Bale Wrappers, Sickle Bar Mowers, Wheel Rakes, Tedders, Hydro Seeders, Loaders, Loader Attachments, Manure Forks, Manure Spreaders, Mulchers, Plows, Post Hole Diggers, Quick Hitches, Quick Hitch Adapters, Rock Buckets, Running Gears, Sawdust Bedding Spreaders, Sand Bedding Spreaders, Scissor Lifts, Scoops, Blades, Scraper Blades, Shredders, Silage Block Cutter, Spring Tooth Harrows, Stall Scrapers, Stone Forks, Subsoilers, Tillage Attachments, Tillers, Toolbars, Bale Carriers, Log Splitters, 3 Point Hitch Attachments for Tractors and Skidsteers, Woodchippers, Wood Processors, Log Grapples, Skidding Winches, Wood Processors, Log Trailers, Sprayers, & much more

Some of the Vendors that we carry are:

A & B Eagle Line, Agromatic, Ag Wrap, Ameriquip, Agway,  Baumalight,  Cole, Continental Belton, Brush Wolf, Del Morino, Diamond, Durabilit, HLA Attachments, Horst, Fransgard, Forage King, Hagedorn, Horst, Jacto, Jang,  Knowles, Koyker, Leon, Lorenz, Loyal, Lucknow, J.B. Martin, Maschio, Market, Maybridge, Multivator, Rossi, RW, Schoessow, Sitrex, Tanco, Teagle, Tubeline, Viking, Wallenstein Woodchippers and Logsplitters, Weaverline, Westfield, Wifo, EZ Trail, Sundown, Worksaver, Sweepster.

We understand that you have a world of choices out there. We are grateful that you have taken the time to find us and we trust that you will allow us to delight in the opportunity to serve you.

Our Vision

Marlin & Karen are purveyors of simple products for country living that are cost effective, straightforward & uncomplicated.

Our Vision for Woodward Crossings Country Basics is to fulfill our customers’ agricultural, forestry and simple country needs.  We have found this to be a great pleasure and most rewarding.  Our goal is to serve those who love the land or love simple, reasonably priced and functional goods. Our history has been and continues to be Sales and Parts for Country, Farm and Forestry Equipment.

You may want to press Ctrl + D to bookmark our Country Basics Online Store as our Country Offerings  continue to expand.

Treasuring plain and basic living

Marlin & Karen aspire to provide products that are cost effective and uncomplicated. We have launched a product line that we have found beneficial to living simply.

Farm Forestry & Garden Supplies

Our Woodward Crossings Country Basics Online Store touches the most basic needs of those who love the country and choose to live simply!


Please check back often as we are continuing our quest for products that are affordable, practical and suitable for a simplistic lifestyle.
Jang Gang Garden Seeders from Woodward Crossings

The JP-1 and TD-1 Jang Seeders  have been such an asset to our produce farmers that we have chosen to offer these technologically advanced Hand Seeders on our Online Product Line. Save money too, on our Online Store with the Jang Bargain Bundles!

Additionally, we added the multi-row units from Jang to our lineup.  The JP-2, JP-3, JP-6, and JP-6W  multi-row Jang Seeders are amazing time savers for the serious produce growers.  Also on our Online Store, we present the Jang JPH and TDR 3 Pt. Hitch Tractor Mounted Seeders. The Jang Seeders are  precision seeders with many options, styles and accessories to suit your produce growing needs.

Tried and true over many decades are the Cole 12MX 3 Pt. Hitch Tractor Mounted Planters for planting large seeds. They have been the “Go To” Planters for many, many years. You’ll find these U.S. made planters to be reliable work horses with a long history of satisfaction.  We offer them as well in our Online Store.

Cole 3-Row 12MX Garden Seeder

Don’t let the weeds smother your dreams!

Wunderbar Logo from Woodward Crossings

Woodward Crossings is the home of the Wunderbar Module. Explore our very own line up of “Build Your Own 3 Pt. Hitch and Attachments!”  One Hitch ~ Many Implements!  A time saver and a space saver! And better yet– a money saver!

Here at Woodward Crossings, we designed the Wunderbar Module. A very simple and affordable tool for our customers to create their own custom cultivator, disc hiller, or furrower set up.  We also designed our own Undercutter, also known as a carrot lifter or garlic lifter.  A vital tool for undercutting carrots, garlic, parsnips and many more root crops.

The Wunderbar Module has been a successful part of our business, affording our customers the capability of re-purposing what they have and adding what they need to make individual garden tools to serve their own personal needs.

You’re in charge!   You may opt to order a Wunderbar Bundle which includes the Hitch and the Toolbar, and then add a Set or two or three to add to your Hitch and Toolbar.  Or you can order each component separately to create your very own garden tool.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Putting the “fun” in functional!

Wunderbar Logo from Woodward Crossings

One such company is Wallenstein with outstanding workmanship and value.  The Wallenstein WoodchippersLogging WinchesWood ProcessorsGrapples and Log Splitters are by far the best bang for the buck.

Around the Farm: Our online grouping of Farm Equipment includes Hay Grain Elevators,  Rototillers, Pallet Forks, Soil Conditioners, Grapples, Bale Choppers, Sundown Pendulum SpreadersWestfield Grain Augers and Jacto Canon Sprayers and Backpack Sprayers as well as parts and accessories and much more.

Around the Home: We also provide food processing and preparation products that are simple, economical and productive in your quest to enjoy the fruits of your harvest. We carry some of those “Old Timey” things that Amish folks use such as Hand Wringers and more. Additionally, our Laundry section includes our Amish Clothesline Pulley System, Old Fashioned Clothespins, and Amish Made Clothespin Bag .

We are excited about our new venture and trust that our customers will be equally delighted with our offerings.