Cole Planters

Cole Planters are made in the USA!  The Cole Planet Juniors & Cole 12MX Multiflex Seeders, are American Made and are manufactured at their factory in Georgia. Not an imported knockoff. Quality Built, Sturdy, Stable & Durable!
Cole 12MX and Cole Planet Jr. PlantersHaving stood the test of time, the Cole Planters, Cole Planet Juniors & Cole 12MX Seeders are tried and true. The Cole Planet Junior Garden Planters are designed for Planting Small Seeds and the Cole 12MX Multiflex Planters are Designed for Planting Large Seeds.
Proud of its heritage and contribution to agriculture, the Cole Planter Company has over 100 years experience helping farmers plant crops.
Combining this wealth of experience and state of the art engineering, Cole Planter provides very reliable and cost effective products for planting all types of crops.
The expert design, durability and relative low cost of the Cole Planters has made them the “planters of choice” for many farmers for many years.

Cole Planters: Old Technology, Old Style, and Old School Durability!

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