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We are offering the Jang Bargain Bundles for a superb deal

and for a great place to start!Jang Bargain Bundles Category, Seeders, JP, TD Seeder

Combining Jang Seeders with Rollers and Plates in a Bundle gives you the opportunity to order the Bundles as they appear or to customize your order to suit your individual needs.
Jang Bargain Bundles! Put it Together and Save! JP-1 with Rollers, JP-3 with Rollers, TD-1 with PlatesJPH Toolbar 3 Pt. Hitch Units with Rollers, and the Complete Garden Package- the TD-1 and JP-1 Combo with Plates and Rollers!
And the best of all ~ By purchasing a JP Series Jang Bargain Bundle, you will be enrolled in our Roller Exchange Program! The Roller Exchange Program allows you to swap out an unused roller for another roller during your first season of use.
You’re in Charge! If you are just getting started with the Jang Seeders, we have pre-selected  Bundles to help you begin your new venture with the Jang Gang. Please know that you can accept our suggested list of rollers for the JP Series or Plates for the TD Series. Or, you can list in the Comments Box the Rollers or Plates of your preference.

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