Jang Rollers and Plates

Jang Rollers and Plates are designed to singulate many seeds in the Jang Seeders. Here you find helpful charts and info to make your selection.Jang Rollers and Plates
The Jang Rollers and Plates have you covered, whether you have large or small seeds.
  • The Jang JP Series is designed to plant small seeds. For singulation, Jang’s ingenious creation uses a Roller system.

Click to Print JP Spacing Chart:Detailed Chart for Jang Seeder for Blank Rollers from Woodward Crossings

The Jang TD Series is designed to plant large seeds. Historically, Plates have been consistently and effectively used in seeders to plant large seeds.

When using the Rollers and Plates in the Jang Seeders, you also will be able to use the Sprockets to regulate the distance desired between the seeds.

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