Jang Seeders

Jang Seeders are designed for Precision Gardening.
Planting your garden with Jang Seeders is the way to precisely plant your seeds. The JP-1, JPH-U JPH-2, JPH-3, JPH-4JP-2, JP-3, JP-5 JP-6, JP-6W, TD-1, or TDR Series will not only save you time, but will save you money!
 At Last~ a Precision Garden Seeder!The Jang Gang!

Explore the many options Jang Seeders provide for you:

    • JP Series – Walk Behind Units for Smaller Seeds
    • JPH Series – 3 Pt. Hitch Units for Smaller Seeds
    • TD Series – Walk Behind Units for Larger Seeds
    • TDR Series – 3 Pt. Hitch Units for Larger Seeds
It’s a Win-Win!
Designed to be precise, the Seeders singulate many seeds. This will aid you in not having to thin out your rows. Plus, it will save you money on seeds.

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