Lanterns made by Dietz have been the Go-To Lantern for 150 Years.  The Dietz Lanterns today are a continuation from the original tooling and presses.

“First modern kerosene lamps are invented by… Robert Edwin Dietz from USA…in the year 1853. Their main characteristics were great portability which widened their use and strong light. All kerosene lamps have container for kerosene and a wick or mantle for a light source protected with a glass globe or a tube. 
Standard flat wick lamp has a flat wick made of cotton with has one side submerged in a kerosene container and a glass chimney on it for protection. It is designed in the way that it is fed cold air from bellow while hot air exits above.”    History of Lamps
The kerosene burner was developed by brothers Robert Edwin and Michael Dietz in 1868. The “Dietz burner” became a worldwide standard.

Dietz Oil Lanterns: Jupiter, #8, #76, Air Pilot, Blizzard & D-Lite Lanterns

Remember the Lanterns that Grandpa had?  Chances are they were Dietz Lanterns.   You heart will be warmed and your home will be illuminated with the golden glow of these Dietz Oil Lamps.
The uses are endless. You will find that they are great for greenhouses, barns, homes, camps, porches and for decor.  These reliable lanterns are not only depended upon for lighting and warmth, they are also used to create an ambiance in restaurants, for use in weddings and for table centerpieces.
Browse our lineup of these “old vintage” style Oil Lamps to find the lantern right for you.

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Showing all 15 results