Vicon Pendulum Spreaders

Vicon Pendulum Spreaders Feature Symmetric Spread Pattern for Optimal Overlap

Vicon Pendulum Spreaders

The Vicon Pendulum Spreaders, PS225 and PS335 are Truly Multi-Functional in Performance.

More than one million machines sold prove that the Vicon Pendulum Spreader / Seeder is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum accuracy in fertilizer application. Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine are unequaled – now as in the past. The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical on both sides. This results in an excellent overlap. 

The to-and-for movement of the spout causes the fertilizer to be thrown to the left and the right hand side only, never to the front and a short distance only to the rear. Therefore minimum wind influence is on the spreading pattern.  This is significant as the tractor does not get covered with fertilizer.

The application rate is easily set.  The plastic scale allows continuous adjustment of the application rate in per acre. So therefore, the risk of spreading errors is minimal. Using the spreading chart and the dial you can determine the desired quantity of fertilizer for every spreading width and forward speed.

The Vicon PS403 Spreaders are Ideal for Use on Golf Courses and Orchards

With hopper capacities of 950#’s  this spreader is the ideal solution for small farms and special applications. These spreaders are suitable for spreading at 46′ if a tractor with 750 or 1000 rpm PTO is available.

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