Wallenstein Log Grapples

Wallenstein Log Grapples are a Perfect Partner for farmers, loggers, contractors or rural land owners.  Designed with many options, you will find the model that best suits your needs. With confidence, you can now forward logs out of the woods. Built in North America with quality steel and excellent workmanship, the Wallenstein Log Grapples will be  a welcome addition to your forestry tools.
Keep it Together!Wallenstein Timber Talon Log Grapples for Skidsteers and Tractorwith a Wallenstein Log Grapple
Wallenstein Log Grapples models LXG320SLXG320RLXG330S, LXG330R, LXG330RP for Tractors with a 3 Pt. Hitch Mount and models LXG420S, LXG420R, LXG430S, LXG430R, and LXG430RP for Skid Steers are engineered for those tough woodlot conditions. And don’t forget the hot seller, LXG210S for the Mini Skidsteers.
 With the flexible Timber Talon Log Grapples, you won’t be cutting corners. The spring loaded swivel Wallenstein Log Grapple makes sure your logs follow you home around every bend and turn in your woodlot
Enhance your logging productivity with The Timber Talon lineup of Log Grapples from Wallenstein !

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