Wallenstein Skidding Winches

Wallenstein Skidding Winches are sure to facilitate managing your woodlot to your full potential.  Is your wood lot Steep? Swampy? Rugged? No worries! The FX Skidding Winch is the ideal tractor implement  to clear dead trees, harvest your lumber or gather firewood.Wallenstein FX Bush Pilot Skidding Winches
Rely confidently on the Wallenstein Skidding Winches’ strong reputation of pulling strength with their Bush Pilot Skidding Winches! Anchoring the winch while dragging a log actually is easier on your tractor by transferring the pulling strain onto the ground with the large blade.
The Bush Pilot Series of Logging Winches from the FX85, FX110, and FX140  provide winches for  tractors with 15 horsepower up to 140 horsepower.  Find the model of the Skidding Winch to best serve your woodlot needs.
 From Forest to Fireplace, Wallenstein Provides the Heavy Duty Equipment That’s Ready for Your Woodlot Needs!

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