012-0130 Cole 2-Row 12MX Planter w/Fertilizer Hopper, 3 Pt. Hitch, 80” Toolbar


012-0130 Cole 12MX Planter w/Fertilizer Hoppers with 3 Pt. Hitch on an 80″ Toolbar

The 012-0130 Cole 12MX Planter w/Fertilizer Hoppers w/ 3Pt. Hitch is  American Made.  Cole 12MX Planters are designed for Large Seeds. 

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012-0130 Cole 2-Row 12MX Planter w/Fertilizer Hopper, 3 Pt. Hitch on an 80” Toolbar

012-0130 Cole 2-Row 12MX Planter w/Fertilizer Hopper, 3 Pt. Hitch on an 80” Toolbar is  American Made and is manufactured at the Cole factory in Georgia. These are not an imported knockoff.

The Cole 12MX MultiFlex Planters are Designed for Large Seeds

The Cole 12MX Units are appx. 13″ wide

Each 012-0130 12MX Cole Planter Units have 4 Qt. Seed Hoppers & 40-Pound Fertilizer Hoppers

Please Note: Cole 12MX Planters are for use only in well prepared, cultivated and rototilled garden beds. They are not for use as no-till planters or for uncultivated and unrototilled food plots.

The Cole 12MX Planters have been in production since the 1970’s.  Though antiquated and present some idiosyncrasies, they are amazing machines.

Also Note:  Cole 12MX Planters cannot be used with Sub Compact Tractors

012-0130 Cole 12MX Planter Comes Standard w/ 8 Plates:

(2) POX-367 (Medium Corn)

(2) P30-433 (Soybeans) 

(2) P30-434 (Milo / Sorghum & Coated Sugar Beets, Okra)

(2) P30-435 (Peas & Beans)

Additional Cole Seed Plates May Be Ordered

Click Chart for Info on Plates

(Plate Numbers in Blue Come Standard with Planter):

Cole Seed Plate Chart for 12 MX MultiFlex

The Cole  012-0130 12MX Multiflex Planters Come with 4 Distance Gears to Determine Spacing of Seeds 

012-0130 Cole 12MX Planters Come Standard w/ All 4 Spacing Gears for Each Unit:

POG-8, POG-10, POG-12, POG-14

Click Chart Below for Info on the Seed Spacings and Gears

Cole 12MX Planter Distance Gear Chart

MultiFlex Design for Precision Planting (Please click on the image below for a detailed explanation of the design features allowing precision planting.)

Woodward Crossings presents “Setting Up & Using a Cole 12MX Multiflex Planter”.  The Cole 12 MX Multiflex Planters have been the “Go To” planter for decades for planting larger seeds such as Corn, Beans, Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Peanuts, Sorghum,  Peas & much more.

This video shows you how to set up the planter and how to install the seed plates.

012-0130 Cole 12MX Planter Features:

  • Precision planting/fertilizer units.
  • 1, 2 and 4 rows for small acreage and gardens
  • Split-rim, concave cast iron presswheel firms seedbed, but leaves loose zone directly over seeds
  • Features a Gravity-Drop Hopper to eliminate seed damage
  • Accurately places 34 to 650 lbs of fertilizer per acre with adjustable rate control
  • Comes with 4 seed plates and gears for different seeds & spacing
  • Fertilizer hopper
  • MultiFlex design allows for consistent depth control
  • Deep V seed opener promotes fast germination and uniform planting


  • Two-row units are complete. They consist of quality 2 ½” diamond bar with Cat. 1 hitch, mounting brackets, and 2 12MX planting/fertilizing units.
  • Mounting brackets are sturdy blocks and U-bolts. They prevent planter’s swaying or tilting, and assure straight rows.

No Seed Damage with Gravity-Drop Hopper

Gravity Drag Hopper

1. Seeds feed under seed partition.

2. Seeds picked up as seed plate turns; excess seeds fall back.

3. Seeds drop through opening with gentle action of gravity. No brushes, knockers or fingers to damage seeds.

4. Spout delivers accurately metered seeds one at a time to the Deep Vee sword opener for placement.

Gravity-drop, inclined plate hopper delivers accurate plant population.

12MX Features

1. Deep Vee Sword cuts smooth, even seed trench and draws moisture to seed bed. The Deep Vee at bottom of the trench is of uniform shape and depth.  

2. Seeds are placed to uniform depth because seeds are trapped at the same depth in the Deep Vee.

3. Fertilizer is placed to side of seedbed where young roots will find early nourishment, but not before they are vigorous enough to stand the fertilizer.

4. Press wheel firms soil around seeds, but leaves a loose zone directly over the seed to ease emergence. Air is eliminated from the seedbed.

 Cole 12MX Planter Seed Hopper Size is 4 Quarts

 Cole 12MX Planter Fertilizer Hopper Size is 40 Pounds

Cole 12MX Planter Packaged in a Box for Shipping

Click to Download the 12 MX Multiflex Brochure 

Click to Download the 12 MX Multiflex Owner’s Manual

Weldments on B46-679 Cole CAT I 3 Point Hitch for 12 MX Multiflex Planter (2)

Weldment Dimensions:

26-1/2” from each end to where the ¾”weld is for the 3 pt hitch.

25-1/2” in the center between the welds of the 3 pt hitch.

Comes Assembled right in the box.  You will need to grease it and install the plate and gear that you need.

Don’t be fooled by the Blue Imports! 

 These are the Real Deals! USA Made with Quality Parts!

Cole offers some great Add-On Products for the Cole 12MX Planter:

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