Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper, Stationary Cat II 3 Pt. Hitch


Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper, Stationary Cat II 3 Pt. Hitch

The Diamond Z560 Stationary Cat II 3 Pt. Hitch Bale Wrapper is an economical solution for smaller farmers wrapping fewer than 400 bales a year.

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Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper, Stationary Cat II 3 Pt. Hitch

The Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper a Stationary Cat II 3 Pt. Hitch Unit is an economical solution for smaller farmers wrapping fewer than 400 bales a year.

Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper

Maximum bale diameter is 4’x4’ and maximum bale weight is 2200#.

The bale is unloaded by raising the table with the 3 point lift (please view video below). Film is cut manually. A monitor indicates the number of current wraps when working. 20” film may also be used with a minor  adjustment. Wrapping time per bale is approximately 80 seconds with 30” film.
An optional off load ramp with end tip is available. The machine is designed to operate in a stationary position with the table resting on the ground.
CAT II 3 Point Hitch – Minimum tractor of 45 HP is required to lift the machine alone.

Part# Z560RAMP is an Optional Add-On Off Load Ramp With End Tip For Z560 Wrapper

The bale wrappers are intended for wrapping individual bales of semi-dry grass and legume hay used in the process of ensilaging.

See Collage (and Click to Enlarge) below to view the following features:

  • Feeder for 500 mm or 750 mm film and cutting knife.
  • The support rollers with their bearings in the rotary table are made of a durable and wear-resistant material.
  • L-01 electronic counter showing the current number of wraps.
  • Controlled using the directional control switch on the tractor.
  • The ribs on the bale wrapper drums improve their durability and prevent sliding of the bale.

Diamond Bale Wrapper Z560

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The Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper is a stationary machine. Power is generated by the hydraulic motor fed directly by the tractor accessory pump. The machine features the universal 500 and 750 mm film roll feeder.

The  design of the Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper is a result of years of design and production work of Metal-Fach engineers. Hence the products boast the highest manufacturing quality with excellent attention to finish and details as well as extreme reliability.

  • EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL: An intuitive and legible bale wrap counting controller
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Many years of experience in machine manufacturing guarantee the highest quality of products
  • DURABILITY: The rotary table support rollers are made of a durable, wear-resistant plastic
  • WORKING COMFORT: The durable and easy to use 500 mm film roll feeder features a film cutting blade
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: The simplicity of the structure ensures years of trouble-free operation.
  • STRENGTH: The special press-formed patterns of the bale wrapping drums improve the overall machine durability and prevent bale slippingClick for Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper Brochure
Bale Characteristics
1 Wrapped bale diameter [mm] 1000-1200
2 Wrapped bale length 1200
3 Maximum bale weight [kg] 800
4 Bale wrapping time [min] approx. 1.3/2
5 Film width [mm] 500/750
Machine characteristics
6 Number of table revolutions while using 500 mm / 750 mm film [revolutions] 24/16
7 Bale loading method lift with a min. capacity of 1000 kg
8 Bale unloading method automatic with a lifting frame
9 Machine drive hydraulic
Overall dimensions
10 Weight [kg] 450
11 Length [mm] 2670
12 Width [mm] 1200
13 Height [mm] 1700
Tractor requirements
14 Method of coupling to a tractor mounted
15 Coupling to a tractor  three-point hitch (TPH)
16 Tractor power [kW] min. 30
17 Recommended tractor pump output [l/min] 22
18 Required pressure in the tractor power hydraulic system [MPa] 14
19 Maximum transport speed [km/h] 20
Electrical System
20 Machine lighting optional, in accordance with the requirements of the traffic code
21 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
Optional equipment
22 Film cutter V
23 Wrapping film feeder V
24 Wrap counter V

Click for Diamond Z560 Bale Wrapper Manual

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