Flat Shank Clamp for 5/8″ x 2″ Shank to Attach to a 2 x 2 Toolbar


Flat Shank Clamp for 5/8″ x 2″ Shank to Attach to a 2×2 Toolbar

 The Flat Shank Clamp allows you to affix a 5/8″ x 2″ shank onto a 2 x 2 toolbar.

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Flat Shank Clamp for 5/8″ x 2″ Shank to Attach to a 2×2 Toolbar

Your will find our Part# S22Wood Flat Shank Clamp a great addition to our Wunderbar Module. With the Flat Shank Clamp you are able to affix a 5/8″ x 2″ shank onto a 2 x 2 toolbar.

The Flat Shank Clamp fits our  Part# FS58-2 Flat Shank with a Footpiece as seen below:

(Sold Separately)

Flat Shank with Foot Piece to Attach to a Flat Shank Clamp on a Toolbar. Put a Furrower on the Foot Piece and You Have a Middlebuster to Hill or Dig Potatoes!

You may attach Furrower (below) to build a Potato Plow:

Several Size Furrowers Available: 53A102, 53A103,  53A104 

(Sold Separately)

Build Your Own Potato Plow or Furrower! High Wing Furrower 12 x 3/16 (2) 7/16" Slotted Holes For 1-1/4 To 2/14" Centers
, High Wing Furrower to Build a Potato Plow or Middlebuster

Or use the Flat Shank Clamp to attach a set of  Part# SGWHL Gauge Wheels to a Toolbar

(Sold Separately)

Set of Gauge Wheels
Gauge Wheels

With Just 1 Hitch and a Toolbar, You Can Build Many Implements!

Heavy Duty – Up to 85 HP

Includes Pins

  • Cat I Hitch Pins: Diameter .750″
  • Useable Length 2.750″
  • Overall Length 4.500″


17″ from Top Pin to Lower Pin
Upper Link is 3/4″
Lower Links are 7/8″
Pin to Pin – Center to Center – 26″-28

Spacer Bars, Toolbars & Attachments Sold Separately

Wunderbar Cat I Hitch
Wunderbar Cat I Hitch Side View
Wunderbar 3 Pt. Hitch
Wunderbar Cat I Hitch – Rear View








Disc Hiller Setup with Hillers, Clamps, Toolbar and Hitch
Disc Hiller Setup with Hillers, Clamps, Toolbar and Wunderbar Cat I Hitch

Hill Potatoes & Build Rows to Keep Dirt Close to Crops by Adding Disc Hillers and Disc Hiller Clamps

Wunderbar Potato Plow Bundle Includes 3 Pt. Hitch

Wunderbar Potato Plow Bundle w/ Wunderbar Cat I Hitch

Dig Potatoes by Adding a Shank, Shank Clamp and a High Sweep Furrower

By using 2 “Spacer Bars” to the Wunderbar Cat I Hitch and Adding an Additional Toolbar, You Can Make Your Own 2-Row Cultivator and More!

DRCB Double Row Cultivator Bundle

Wunderbar Cat I Hitch with Double Row Cultivator Set

Cultivate Crops by adding S-Tines, S-Tine Clamps and Sweeps

Wunderbar Assembly Pic

Our Wunderbar Cat I Hitch is Recommended for Use with our Components or Components that a Similar in Size and Function

Toolbar 2 x 2 x 1/4" Wall
Toolbar 2 x 2 x 1/4″ Wall

Part #HT02-04-L4 Toolbar Sold Separately

One Toolbar, One Hitch and Create Many Implements in Just a Few Minutes!

Tools Needed:

1 5/16” Socket to snug up the Toolbar on the 3 Pt. Hitch

1 1/8 Socket to snug up the Disc Hiller Clamps to the toolbar

9/16” wrench to tighten up the Disc Hillers in the Disc Hiller Clamp

5/8” Wrench to snug up Flat Shank to the Flat Shank Clamp

¾” Wrench to snug up Flat Shank Foot Pieces

(2) 3/8” x 3” bolts and washers to affix the Furrower to the Foot Piece

9/16” Wrench to snug up the bolts to Foot Piece and Furrower

Snug up Elliptical Bolts on S-Tines with 9/16” wrench

3/8” x 3 Carriage bolts for S-Tine Clamps and 7/16” Nuts to fasten the S-Tine Clamps to the Toolbar

11/16” wrench to snug up the bolts on the S-Tine Clamps

David Mastin's Chisel Plow I

Wowsers! Above is a pic submitted by David Mastin of New York.

Showing our CAT I 3 Pt. Hitch, 18″ Spacers, 6 Ft. Toolbars, our 5/8″ Shanks, and Straight Chisel Spikes.

David painted his toolbars John Deere Green. Quite impressive! Thanks, Dave for Sharing!

Click Here for Sample Wunderbar Configurations

Wunderbar Sample Configurations
Wunderbar Sample Configurations

Customer writes: “I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Wunderbar. I purchased the Disc Hiller & Potato Plow and they both worked GREAT. I can’t believe how sturdy everything is and your pricing can’t be beat. You can bet I’ll be back for more “toys”.” Thanks, Andy Parker

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 4 in

Woodward Crossings


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