JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle Deluxe Garden 3 Pt. Hitch Garden Package


JPH-2 & TDR-2 Bargain Bundle Deluxe Garden 3 Pt. Hitch Garden Package

(2) JPH-U Jang Seeders & TDR-U Seeders Deluxe Garden Bundle Package w/4 Ft. Toolbar

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JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle Deluxe 3 Pt. Hitch Garden Package is on Sale now at Woodward Crossings.

The JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle Deluxe Garden Package comes with (1) 3 Pt. Hitch & 4 Ft. Toolbar.  This is an All-In-One Jang Seeder 3 Pt. Hitch Package!

JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle is an All-In-One Bundle for Small Seeds and Large Seeds

Note: Jang Seeders are for use in well rototilled soil.

JPH-2 Jang Bargain Bundle 3 Pt. Hitch Seeder Comes with 12 Rollers – 6 for Each Seeder
The JPH-U Units can be placed together for rows as close as 7″ apart.

*Easy Roller Exchange Program (Offered in the US Only): This purchase of a Jang Seeder Bundle and Rollers qualifies the buyer to participate in our Roller Exchange program. You may mail back an unused roller/s for an exchange of the roller/s of your choice during the first season of use.

The JPH Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle Singulates and spaces small seeds accurately, saving you seeds and time. The sprockets allow you to adjust the seed spacing. A must for the serious gardener!

Additional Rollers are available at Check Out.

Suggested Rollers for the  Bargain Bundle for Each Seeder:

    • (2) F-12 Roller (Spinach at 2-5″ apart)
    • (2) LJ-12 Roller (Large Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard at 2-5″ apart)
    • (2) MJ-12 Roller (Beets, Pelleted Carrots, Cilantro, Coated Lettuce, Coated Onion, Sorghum, and Baby Swiss Chard at 2-5″ apart)
    • (2) X-24 Roller (Carrots, Leeks, Mesculin, Onion, Radish, and Scallion at 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ apart)
    • (2) YYJ-12 Roller (Arugula, Basil, Broccoli, Kale, Parsley, and Turnip at 2″-5″ apart)
    • (2 )XY-24 Roller (Lettuce at 1/2 – 2″ apart)

Or you may choose your own roller selection at Check Out. Enter your Desired Rollers in the “Additional Information” Box on the Check Out Page.


      • Clear, durable plastic hopper allows you to see seeds.
      • Quick release hopper makes it easy to empty and change rollers.
      • Singulates and spaces small seeds accurately (This saves on seeds and thinning).
      • Seed sizing provided on inside of hopper lid for easier roller selection.
      • Hopper volume .26 gal.
      • No waste of leftover seeds.
      • Can work with only small amounts of seeds in hopper.
      • Uses special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity.
Rotating Jang Rollers Singulating Seeds

Easy to Use! 

Just pick out the roller for the application you desire in one single chart!

See Chart on Left for Jang Rollers Used for planting Flower Seeds such as Ammi, Calendula, Cosmos, Mexican Hat, Solidago, Sunflowers, Zinnias and more.  Roman Numerals run from I-IV in range of size of smaller to larger.

The Jang JPH comes with 6 sprockets. The two sprockets on the unit are 11

tooth sprockets. In addition, you will receive a 9, 10, 13, and 14 tooth sprocket.

Jang JPH-2 on Terry Miller's Oggun Tractor at Miller Organics

JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle also includes the TDR Units for Larger Seeds

We Recommend the TDR Series Jang Seeders for Better Precision Planting on the Larger Seeds Such As Beans and Corn

TDR-2 Jang Bargain Bundle Push Style Seeder for Planting Large Seeds with 4 Plates
TDR-U Jang 3 Pt. Hitch Seeder Units can be moved
close enough to achieve a minimum row width of 11”

Plates in the Bundle:
(2) #TDA2– 6MM Thick Plate with 8 5/16″ (8MM) Holes for Corn

(2) #TD6T8P 6MM thick plate, 8 round 9/16” (14MM) diameter holes for beans

(2) #TD6T16L 6MM thick plate, 16 round 3/8” (9.5 MM) diameter holes for peas

(2) #TD4T1B 4 MM thick plate with 1 pilot hole (typically for pumpkin)- Drill to Size

Click Chart Below for a Larger Copy:

TD Jang Seeder Plates

For Use with Jang TD and Jang TDR Seeders

Bundle Plates for the TD Jang Seeder

Lima Bean

      • Measure the Height of Your Seed then the Width of your seed.
      • Match it to the MM of the Plate Height and Width.
      • For Instance: Pumpkins May Fit Best with a 4 MM High Plate
      • Beans, Peas, and Corn May Fit Best with a 6 MM High Plate
      • Matching the Height is to Keep Two Seeds from Lying on Top of Each Other in the Plate Hole
Available TD-1 Plates :
TDA2 6MM Thick Plate (8) 5/16” Diameter Holes for TD-1 Seed
TD4T 4MM Thick Blank Plate – Drill to Size
TD5T 5MM Thick Blank Plate -Drill to Desired Size
TD5T8B 5MM Thick Plate 8 Round Pilot Holes
TD6T 6MM Thick Blank Plate for TD-1 Seeder
TD4T1B 4MM Thick Plate w/Pilot Hole for Pumpkins
TD6T16L 6MM Thick Plate for Peas
TD6T8P 6MM Thick Plate for Beans
Spacing is Adjustable Using Sprockets to Determine Exact Drop of Seed

The chart on the chain guard is your “cheat sheet” to what sprockets to use for your desired spacings.

Using (and changing) sprockets on the Discharge Shaft and the Drive Shaft, in combination with the seed plates,  the TD-1 becomes a precision seeder.


      • Seed plates for larger seeds such as corn, pumpkins and lima beans
      • Standard or Customized plates available
      • Double disc opener standard
      • Large 1.5 gal clear hopper prevent large seeds from “bridging”
      • Uses special anti abrasion plastic disc to prevent static electricity

Please note: The JPH and TDR Jang Models are not Quick-Hitch Compatible

Easy to Use! 

Click for Answers to Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions

Just pick out the plate for the application you desire in one single chart!

The Jang TD Series comes with 4 sprockets.

JPH-2 & TDR-2 Jang Seeder Bargain Bundle ships Freight Truck

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If you know of a business address to ship to—it is more cost effective than shipping to a farm or residence.  To qualify as a Business – it needs to be zoned commercial, have business hours, business signage, turnaround for a 55 ft. tractor trailer and a forklift. Perhaps you know of a local hardware store, lumber yard, feedmill, landscape shop, welding shop, car parts store etc. that could accept your delivery.

Please indicate your Freight Quote and Shipping Address (and any roller changes) in the Additional  Information Box at Check Out.

We will call you and add it to your total when we receive the order and email an invoice to you reflecting the added FREIGHT QUOTE.

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Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 28 in