Purveyors of Basic Supplies for Those Who Love Simple Country Living

Woodward Crossings Provides a Broad Selection of Wholegoods, i.e., Implements, Equipment and 3 Pt. Hitch Attachments for the Organic Produce Grower, Dairy & Crop Farmer, Landscaper, Equestrian, Forester and Homeowners Alike.

The Wholegoods in the fields below represent a selection of products that  you will find most helpful.  We have a long history with these products and proudly promote each one.  You will be impressed with the EZ Trail Products for hay and grain production. The Cole and Jang Seeders will be a welcome addition to your produce growing. Wallenstein  has a wide array of well-designed equipment for woodlots. You will find many more Wholegoods that have historically enhanced our customers’ experiences in maintaining their gardens, land, woods and fields.

And should you need parts for your equipment, you may want to check out our Reference Materials Page or our Tractor and Farm Parts Section.

Woodward Crossings Build Your Own Wunderbar Module
Jang Garden Seeders
Wallenstein Log Grapples, Skidding Winches, Log Splitters, Wood Processors & Wood Chippers
Cole 12MX Seed Planters and Cole Planet Jrs.
Woodward Crossings Tractor Parts
Sundown Pendulum Spreaders
Woodward Crossings Horse Farm Equipment
Woodward Crossings Material Handling Equipment
Woodward Crossings Land Management Equipment
Woodward Crossings Snow Blades
Woodward Crossings Quick Hitches
Woodward Crossings Small Farm Equipment
Woodward Crossings Produce Growing Equipment Part I
Woodward Crossings Produce Growing Equipment Part II
Woodward Crossings Temco Farm Parts
Woodward Crossings Hay Making Equipment
Woodward Crossings Hay Handling Equipment
Woodward Crossings Hay Processing Equipment