B73-09B Cole Planet Jr. Push Seeder


B73-09B Cole Planet Jr. Push Seeder

The B73-09B Cole Planet Jr. Push Seeder is Designed for Smaller Seeds

Cole Planet Juniors are USA Made!

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B73-09B Cole Planet Jr. Push Seeder

The B73-09B Cole Planet Jr. Push Seeder is Designed for Smaller Seeds

Cole Planet Juniors are USA Made! Not an Imported KnockOff!  The Cole Planters are manufactured at their factory in Georgia. Be assured you will get a USA planter with full back up support for parts and service.

The Hand Seeder version of the Planet Jr. features a cut-off for the seed hopper to prevent drilling seeds in turn-rows. Large 3″ x 15″ diameter front wheel is easy to push. For top performance. all Planet Jr.’s feature a five quart capacity hopper, spring loaded seed coverer and row marker. This hand seeder unit is excellent for vegetable gardens large and small.


  • Meters hard-to-handle seeds in continuous drill.   
  • Very useful – Although we recommend the Jang Seeder for smaller seeds.
  •  Power from the front wheel turns the feed wheel in the hopper assuring constant flow of seeds.

Feed Wheel

  1.  Seeds pass through a hole in the seed plate. the diameter size of the hole controls the amount of seed flow.

Seed Plates

  1. Three seed plates with 13 holes each come with every drill. This gives you a total of 39 seed flow adjustments ranging in diameter from 3/32″ to 3/4″. Holes are numbered for easy selection. No calibration is necessary between drills. Seed plates change easily without fitted tools.

The individual Planet Jr. plate #s from smallest to largest are:

4″ of Float: Cradle bracket allows the drill to float a full 4″ up and down. Unique spring suspension permits each drill to follow the contours of the ground independently allowing uniform depth of seed.

The Cole Planet Juniors use the B10-039X Brush Feed Wheel to Handle Your Delicate Seeds

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Cole Planet Jr. Brochure

Cole Planet Jr. Owner’s Manual

Attachments for the Cole Planet Jr.

The following are the Drill Shoes Available for the Cole Planet Junior Planters:

BOK-712 Shallow general purpose shoe –  Narrow  – 0 to 1-1/2″
BOK-812 Deep general purpose shoe –  Narrow –  1 to 2-1/2″
BOK-762 Shallow upland shoe/hard soil  – Narrow  – 0 to 1-1/4″
BOK-783 2″ scatter shoe –  2″ Wide –  0 to 1-1/2″
BOK-769 4″ scatter shoe –  4″ Wide – 1 to 2-1/2″

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Cole Planters Parts & Price List

Find enlargements of the component parts of the Cole Planet Jr. below:

Cole Planet Jr. Components

1. Floating Cradle Bracket: Designed for greater stability. When used with our hitches, the drill will not twist on the tool bar assuring accurate spacing. Cradle Bracket
2. Spring Loaded Dirt Scrape: Prevents dirt build-up on press wheel. Dirt Scrape
3. Cast Press Wheel: Has concave design for good covering. Firms the seed bed, leaving a loose zone directly over the seeds. Cart Press Wheel
4. Floating Seed Coverer: Pulls dirt over seeds. The amount of float is adjustable. Seed Coverer
5. Seed Depth: Set easily by a wing nut. No fitted tools are needed. Seed Depth
6. Automatic Seed Shut-Off on Cradle Bracket: Cuts off the seed flow when the unit is raised. Prevents wasting seeds. Cradle Bracket
7. Large 3″ x 15″ front wheel


Front Wheel

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in



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