Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales, Versatile & Economical – 28 Ft.


Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales, Versatile & Economical

Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales priced here is for a 28 Ft. Elevator

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Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales, Versatile & Economical – 28 Ft.

Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales priced here is for a 28 Ft. Elevator

Other sizes are available

Combining top drive with a #62 single pitch roller drive chains,

you can move up to 24″ – 48″ bales per minute with flights set at 4 ft. intervals.

Made in the USAMade in the USA

Flights are made from 10 gauge reinforced, painted steel to eliminate bending.

Built to last by our Central PA Dutch folks,  the non-tilt heavy duty flights keep bales from tumbling back, even at a practical and safe 50 degree maximum elevation.

The portable elevator can be powered by an optional electric motor.


  • Elevator can be raised to a full elevation without fear of collapsing.
  • Uses #62 standard steel detachable chain to convey the material.
  • Chain rides on wooden strips which strengthens the life of the chain and trough bottom and allows for quiet operation.
  • Hand crank has a new built-in self-activating friction brake assuring safer operation by eliminating the danger of the winch handle slipping from your hand and spinning out of control.
  • Standard hitch is supplied to fold under.
  • The wheels have tapered bearings making the elevator more portable.

Corn Screen:

Standard equipment corn screen keeps trash and lose grain from entering storage bins

to block the flow of air through stored ear corn.

To suit varying conditions, a metal slide can close the hole in the screen.

Top Drive:

Saves power and lengthens chain life.

While the top part of the chain works, the the bottom half coasts.

Chains last longer and don’t kink.

Safety guard over the driver sprockets and chain is standard.

Discharge Chute:

Optional chute is quick and easy to install or detach.

The 4 ft. spout can be set to discharge right, left, or straight ahead.

Gives an easy way to control to constant flow of ear corn in any direction.

Elevating Ear Corn:

Put more ear corn in the bin per hour…and save valuable time during your busy harvest season.

It has 4 1/2″ rugged non-tilt flights that run the full width of the trough for smooth handling.

A corn screen and hopper are standard equipment.

A baffle plate keeps ear corn from jamming in the bottom of the elevator.

To make ear corn handling even faster, an extra set of paddles reduce the space between the flights reduces the space from 4 ft. to 2 ft.

Elevator with 2ft. Apart Paddles

An Optional Add On is Paddles every 2 ft. as Shown in Pic Above

These Elevators are Special Order Only

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Pickup at our location only.

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Portable Elevator for Ear Corn, & Hay Bales, Versatile & Economical- 32 Ft.

To place an order, please call 814-349-4484 for availability on the length of elevator you require.

The Portable Hay Grain Elevator is ruggedly built and well balanced for many years of trouble free service with a wide variety of sizes and heights.

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