JPH-U Jang Seeder ~3 Pt. Hitch Tractor Mount Seeder that Singulates Seeds


JPH-U Jang Seeder ~ Use w/ 3 Pt. Hitch or Toolbar

 Designed for Planting Small Seeds

At last!  A seeder that singulates seeds and spaces small seeds accurately, saving you seeds and time.

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JPH-U Jang Seeder ~ Use w/ 3 Pt. Hitch or Toolbar

 The JPH-U is Designed for Planting Small Seeds

At last!  The JPH-U Jang Seeder seeder singulates seeds and spaces small seeds accurately, saving you seeds and time.

Note: Jang Seeders are for use in well rototilled soil.

The JPH-U Jang Seeder Singulates and spaces small seeds accurately, saving you seeds and time. The sprockets allow you to adjust the seed spacing. A must for the serious gardener! For precise seeding, the JPH-U for use with a 3 Pt. Hitch Tractor Mount  (not included) allows you to change the seed spacings.

Or you may add the Wunderbar Cat I Hitch and Toolbar for Tractor Mounting

Roller Suggestion: 

    • (1) F-12 Roller (Spinach at 2-5″ apart)
    • (1) LJ-12 Roller (Large Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard at 2-5″ apart)
    • (1) MJ-12 Roller (Beets, Pelleted Carrots, Cilantro, Coated Lettuce, Coated Onion, Sorghum, and Baby Swiss Chard at 2-5″ apart)
    • (1) X-24 Roller (Carrots, Leeks, Mesculin, Onion, Radish, and Scallion at 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ apart)
    • (1) YYJ-12 Roller (Arugula, Basil, Broccoli, Kale, Parsley, and Turnip at 2″-5″ apart)
    • (1 )XY-24 Roller (Lettuce at 1/2 – 2″ apart)

The JPH-U Units can be placed together for rows as close as 7″ apart.

Rotating Rollers for a JPH-U Jang Seeder Singulating Seeds BelowRotating Jang Rollers Singulating Seeds

3 Pt. Hitch Can Be Ordered at Checkout

Easy to Use! 

Just pick out the roller for the application you desire in one single chart!

See Chart for Jang Rollers Used for planting Flower Seeds such as Ammi, Calendula, Cosmos, Mexican Hat, Solidago, Sunflowers, Zinnias and more.  Roman Numerals run from I-IV in range of size of smaller to larger.

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We Recommend the TD-1 Jang Seeder for Better Precision Planting on the Larger Seeds Such As Beans and Corn

Customer Says: Although expensive, it singulates brassica and lettuce seeds like a champ, which is its primary duty for me. I have tried many of the seed plates and found the larger seeds, like peas, beans, sweet corn, etc., the seeds will tend to lodge inside the hopper and not fall into the holes on the roller. I read that this could happen occasionally in the advertisements, but believe me its very problematic with the design. However, you install this seeder on a 3-point hitch, pour in some lettuce seeds, set the gears and go. I believe with lettuce seeds this thing has no equal, outside a $50,000 Monosem Vacuum seeder, and I still think it could go head to head.

Pros: lightweight, cost to precision ratio is excellent, easy to remove hoppers, multiple seed rollers to get exactly what you need, durability is excellent by using steel instead of plastic, 3 point version is excellent

The Jang JPH-U comes with 6 sprockets. The two sprockets on the unit are 11

tooth sprockets. In addition, you will receive a 9, 10, 13, and 14 tooth sprocket.

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Click Here for a  Basic Jang 3 Pt. Hitch JPH & TDR Bundle Garden Package that comes with (1) 3 Pt. Hitch & 4 Ft. Toolbar, (1) JPH-U Jang Seeder for Planting Small Seeds and (1) TDR-U Jang Seeder for Planting Large Seeds  

Please note: The JPH and TDR Jang Models are not Quick-Hitch Compatible

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 28 in



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