JPN Fertilizer Hopper for JP and JPH Series Jang Seeders

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JPN Fertilizer Hopper for JP-1 and JPH -U Jang Seeders

JPN Fertilizer Hopper for Jang Seeders works well with granulated and powder fertilizers

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JPN Fertilizer Hopper for JP Series Jang Seeders

JPN Fertilizer Hopper is compatible the Walk Behind  JP-1, and also the JPH-U Tractor Mounted Jang Seeders ONLY

Designed for Single Row Units

 The base of the hopper is another roller. There is no agitator, however the grower can drill the roller deeper and wider if needed. It is the same hopper that is used on the seeder.

Also, please note that the same hopper extension for the seeder would work for the fertilizer attachment. The Fertilizer Attachment has a hose that can direct the fertilizer either along side the furrow opener or directly into the furrow.

The cover blade behind the shoe will cover some of it, but some will also be dragged and just left on top of the soil.

We have included below a very large picture of the hopper so that you can see the hose placement.

Also, this design will work to side dress your plants.

Attaches directly to seeder to dispense fertilizer

Works well with granulated and powder fertilizers

Multiple rate flows are achievable

Uses standard seed rollers for different flow rate

Includes “BL-12 roller for maximum rate flow

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You many want to add an Extension to your Fertilizer Hopper to increase the capacity

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 30 × 10 in



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